Style Ahead of Its Time

Time doesn’t stop, and neither will evolution of the luxury timepiece—not, at least, on Movado’s watch.

Since 1881, Swiss watch brand Movado has continually redefined the look and performance of the modern timepiece while never dishonoring the classics. Those seeking men’s watches, watches for women, sport watches or even a smartwatch will find just the right design—whether it bears a timeless aesthetic or embodies today’s ultimate style trends.

Movado’s legendary artistry and knack for award-winning, innovative design is evident in its array of exclusive collections. Discover the Movado BOLD line, where the fashionable minimalist watch meets unmistakable distinction. See the stunning combinations of band, dial and other elements within Movado Museum Classic. Find stately gold watches and stainless steel watches, gorgeous bracelet watches, slim, modern and more.

Come explore the renowned world of Movado watches. We guarantee a wise use of time.