Experience the Magic of Custom-Designed Engagement Rings and Jewelry

Welcome to a world where your dreams become reality. Our custom-designed engagement rings, jewelry pieces, and rejuvenation of old treasures are crafted with one purpose – to create masterpieces that are uniquely yours.

Visit a Hannoush showroom near you to see our selection of in-stock jewelry for inspiration, and meet with one of our Diamond Consultants to help design the perfect piece for your style and budget!

Discover the Art of "Uniquely Yours"

Choosing the perfect engagement ring or piece of jewelry is an intimate and personal journey. It's not just about finding something beautiful. It's about discovering something that speaks to your heart, mirrors your soul, and tells your unique story.

That's where our in-house master craftsmen come into play.

They have the ability to translate your dreams and desires into stunning diamond jewelry that will last a lifetime and beyond.

Your Journey to Finding the Perfect Custom-Designed Engagement Ring

Every love story is unique, and so is every engagement ring we create. From the initial sketch to the final polish, our master craftsmen are there at every step, ensuring the ring resonates with your personality and love story.

You have the freedom to choose the metal, the diamond, and the setting, and we bring it to life with precision, passion, and attention to detail that is second to none.

Bespoke Jewelry Pieces

Beyond engagement rings, our masters of the craft create stunning pieces of custom jewelry. Want your initials intricately woven into a pendant? Yearning for a bracelet that captures the essence of your favorite flower? Dreaming of a pair of earrings that echo the rhythm of your favorite song?

We can make it happen!

Our craftsmen cherish the opportunity to create something that's never been made before - a piece that's exclusively yours.

Bringing Old Pieces of Jewelry Back to Life

Every piece of jewelry holds a story. It’s a time capsule of memories and emotions that are too precious to be forgotten. If you have old pieces of jewelry that have lost their sparkle, we can breathe new life into them. Our master craftsmen meticulously restore each piece, preserving its original charm while infusing it with a new vibrancy.

We believe that restoring a piece of jewelry is like rekindling an old flame. It's about reigniting the warmth, the love, and the memories that made the piece so special in the first place. And when the process is complete, you'll have a piece that's not just rejuvenated, but reborn.

Only at Hannoush...

Our master craftsmen's skills, honed over years of dedication, combined with your vision, result in a creation that is uniquely yours. Together, we'll create a masterpiece that reflects your individuality and celebrates your love story in the most beautiful way possible.

Welcome to a world of endless possibilities, welcome to a creation uniquely yours.

Visit a Hannoush Jewelers showroom near you! The perfect piece of custom jewelry is waiting for you!