Swarovski Created Diamonds

Diamonds. Forever.

There is nothing like a diamond when it comes to lasting beauty and brilliance. That’s why it’s the stone of choice for engagement rings and other precious jewelry throughout the world. But what if diamonds could be even better? Swarovski revolutionized the diamond industry with the premiere of their Swarovski Created Diamonds in 2017.

Genuine Diamonds

Genuine DiamondsAlthough created in a lab, these diamonds are 100% real and can only be distinguished from mined diamonds with sophisticated lab equipment. Swarovski’s diamond-growing technicians, master cutters and certified gemologists cultivate, contour and grade all their lab-grown diamonds, ensuring an exceptional level of quality that even Mother Earth can’t rival.

Express Yourself

Express Yourself Swarovski Created Diamonds give you the opportunity to express your own personal style in unprecedented ways. Choose your color, cut and setting to create a truly unique piece of art that will be treasured for generations. Our expert designers and artisans are available to help ignite your dreams.

Diamonds in Technicolor

Diamonds in Technicolor Swarovski’s man-made diamonds are available in your choice of 16 astonishing hues ranging from shimmering champagne to passionate red including saturated, radiant shades of brilliant greens, aqua blues, bright pinks, subtle roses, vibrant amethyst, golden yellows and even smoldering black.

Perfectly Cut

Perfectly CutJust as with mined diamonds, no two Swarovski diamonds are alike, so you can give your one and only a diamond as unique as she is. Each absolute original is cultivated and then contoured by master diamond cutters into six popular, classic shapes: round brilliant, square princess, cushion, pear, oval and radiant.

Mastery of Light

Mastery of LightNothing captures light like a diamond. Swarovski, long renowned for its stunning gemstones, engineers its lab-grown diamonds with the utmost precision drawing on their 125 years of craftsmanship in mastery of light. As with all diamonds, every hand-selected stone is evaluated using the industry standards for clarity, cut, color and carat weight.

Conscientious Brilliance

Conscientious BrillianceOur sustainable diamonds are grown from tiny diamond seeds under special laboratory conditions that simulate the same extreme heat and pressure necessary to form diamonds in the earth, but at an accelerated rate. The process is completely carbon neutral and adheres to high-level of environmental safety protocols.

More with Less

More with LessBeyond their beauty, you can feel good about choosing Swarovski’s ethical diamonds. In addition to being more environmentally conscious than mined diamonds, Swarovski lab-grown diamonds are less expensive to produce, so you can choose a more luxurious stone for less. Bigger, brighter and better for the earth.

Perfect is Possible

Perfect is PossibleWhen you’ve found your perfect mate, you want a diamond to match. Thanks to Swarovski, it’s possible to find the ring that captures your love perfectly and forever. All Swarovski Created Diamonds meet our exacting standards of quality and sustainability. When choosing how you want to symbolize forever, visit Hannoush Jewelers.